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Celebrating Volunteers and Learning from Each Other

I’m happy to report there were more than 100 volunteers who enjoyed the three organized events that took place as part of National Volunteer Week this year. These events were:

  • At Saint-Louis Residence: L’importance de l’écoute en fin de vie (two professors from St. Paul’s University);
  • At Saint-Vincent Hospital: Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation (Ayya Medhanandi Buddhist nun);
  • And, at Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital: Walking the Walk: Creative Tools for Transforming Compassion Fatigue, facilitated by Margaret Lerhe and Patrick Marshall.

Annually, Bruyère pays tribute to the over 800 volunteers by providing education and professional development opportunities. We’re recruiting volunteers now; if you have some time and would like to make a meaningful difference, please contact our Volunteer Resource office at 613-562-6364.

And just last week at Bruyère, we educated each other. As part of Earth Week, being celebrated worldwide, Bruyère is organizing Green Awareness Days to promote our new image, green initiatives and projects. By holding these events we’ll learn how we can work together to reduce, reuse, and recycle better.

Finally, take a look at the staff who went out for Bruyère at the Farm, the fist event organized by the social committee. If you went, please comment with how you felt it went.



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